Our People

2017-2018 Management Committee & Office Support Staff

2017-2018 Executive Committee

  • President - Frank Ondrus
  • Vice-President - Steve Cupitt
  • Secretary - Miriam Sharp
  • Treasurer (Acting) - Miriam Sharp

2017-2018 Administation Support Staff

  • Office Manager - Frank Ondrus
  • Membership Officer - Barry Miller
  • Newsletter Editor - Vacant
  • Social Media Administrator - Charmaine Turnbull
  • Website Administrator - Dan Cannan
  • Government Policy Review & Comment - Anjan Roy
  • Admin assistants (media /publications, etc.) - Various members

HOPE delegates to Community Organisations

  • Darling Downs Environment Council (DDEC) committee - Anjan Roy
  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Mt Lofty Community Reference Group – Frank Ondrus

Our Patron

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Jerry Coleby-Williams is a passionate conservationist, organic gardener, writer and plant curator. He is a presenter on the ABC’s Gardening Australia show and is a director of The Seed Savers’ Foundation - a community organisation which conserves rare and heritage plants. He is a patron of the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society, a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture and an executive member of the Queensland Conservation Council.

As horticultural editor of Organic Gardener magazine he is extensively involved in publishing and writing about gardening in Australia. He was consultant for content and one of the writers of the book, Gardening Australia - Flora: the gardener's bible, which is Australia’s largest illustrated plant dictionary. He is also noted for his discovery of a new plant species, the Harlequin Bell (Darwinia polychroma), which is an endangered species from Western Australia.

Jerry was trained by the Royal Horticultural Society and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; studied the flora of Western Australia through a Kew scholarship; managed both public and private sector horticultural enterprises; ran a busy garden centre and helped to establish Sydney’s Mt Annan Botanic Garden. For 11 years Jerry managed the horticultural estate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

In 2003 he moved to Brisbane, Queensland in order to establish a sustainable home and garden. This house – “Bellis” - provides a model for ways in which urban Western citizens can reduce their ecological footprint, and adapt to climate change and peak oil. His house generates solar power, recycles sewage and grey water, harvests rainwater, produces most of the organic fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices needed for his family of three - and even has a sustainable lawn maintained by solar powered equipment. As a dedicated Guerilla Gardener Jerry grows and plants native and productive trees in barren nature strips and parks.

Jerry Coleby-Williams is best known for his contribution to environmentalism. His model of sustainable horticulture provides a bridge between conservation and horticulture. In 2009 he won the Australian Savewater Awards for the Built Environment Category.