Calendar of Events

Over the years, HOPE has actively participated in a range of recognised international, national, state and local/regional environmental events including:

  • Clean Up Australia Day (March)
  • World Environment Day (June)
  • Water Week (October)
  • Keep Australia Beautiful Week (August)
  • Biodiversity Month - and Threatened Species Day (September)
  • National Recycling Week (November)

Other significant events are promoted in our e:news bulletin and via media releases.

For further information about international and national environmental events go to the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy website:

For more information on these and other events call toll free 1800 803 772

Queensland-wide environment events are listed on Queensland Conservation Council's website at

The 2018 Environmental Calendar of Events is well worth viewing.

Key events both locally and nationally are on our Calendar 2017 webpage.

Check events from previous years: