December 2018

Good afternoon,

Major activities of November included the holding of our Annual General Meeting followed by the 1st Ordinary Meeting of new Management Team for 2018-19; and the issuing nationally of several media releases. (see reports below)

I welcome your feedback on the matters listed below. Please send comments and/or suggestions to office@hopeaustralia.org.au before 8 January 2019.

Have a happy, festive and safe Christmas – New Year!!


Frank Ondrus, President / Office Manager – HOPE Inc., ph 07 4639 2135

2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Report (10 Nov 2018)

HOPE’s AGM was held on Saturday 10 November and I’m pleased to announce the election of a near-full Management Team for 2018-2019.

2018-2019 Executive Committee members are:

  • President            - Frank Ondrus
  • Vice-President     - Steve Cupitt
  • Secretary            - Miriam Sharp
  • Treasurer            - Miriam Sharp
  • Extra member selected from admin support staff listed below

Ordinary members who fulfil administration support roles are:

  • Office Manager               - Frank Ondrus
  • Newsletter Editor            - Office with assistance from Gillian Tait
  • Website Administration    - Stephen Warburton
  • Membership Office           - Barry Miller
  • Social Media Administrator    - Charmaine Turnbull, Gillian Tait and Hayley Lowe
  • Media Officers                 - vacant
  • Admin assistants             - Ellen Wheeler

Report summary of 1st Ordinary Meeting of new Management Team for 2018-2019 (10 Nov 2018)

Because of limited time, only a few key items were discussed and they are noted below for your consideration.

Carried forward business items:

  • Application to Federal Government for Listing on Register of Environmental Organisations
  • Grant application to Federal Government’s Volunteer program for a new computer
  • Support for Place You Love (PYL) Alliance initiatives
  • More promotion of UN Sustainable Development Goals

Suggestions for 2019 projects, campaigns, petitions, events and activities:

  • Landcare/NRM projects by ourselves and/or in partnership with others
  • Petition – Un Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty (https://www.un.org/disarmament/wmd/nuclear/tpnw/)
  • Develop a series of Helpful Hints information sheets
  • Back to Basics information to be promulgated and circulated via social media, newsletter and media
  • Provide information displays at local and regional community events

Regular on-going tasks:

  • Review & comment on state & national government discussion papers
  • Promote key “Environmental Observance” events

Develop a 5year Strategic Plan

  • Securing the future of HOPE
  • Goals for next 12months through to 5 years
  • Financial stability/security (see C/f item above)
  • Strengthen and “up-skill” our Management Team
  • Increase our profile nationally
  • Seek more alliances/partnerships
  • Increase our membership nationally
  • Link up with more like-minded EnvNGOs
  • Provide more support for existing and proposed national environmental campaigns
  • Other suggestions or “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats” (SWOT)

Campaign and support suggestions needed

Are you aware of any upcoming environmental or sustainability campaigns – big or small? HOPE wants to get behind the right campaigns and projects as much as we can. If you know of a local project in your community, or an environmental campaign that people might have heard of but aren’t sure how to help, please let us know. We can use our existing channels – our newsletter, social media, website and word of mouth – to show our support. If there is a particular theme or topic you are passionate about or want to hear more of, please also let us know – original ideas are always welcome too!

Volunteers needed

More active volunteers – both local and remote (i.e. online) – are required to help us maintain our level of activity. Volunteers are needed to help with projects, events and display activities, as well as general admin duties and media/publications work. We invite members and supporters to step up and volunteer some time and talents to help share the workload. Current vacancies include: Researchers; Media Officers; Publications Team members; and Newsletter Editor

Please contact the office on 07 4639 2135 or email office@hopeaustralia.org.au to offer your assistance.

A fair portion of the above work would ideally be done by locals (i.e. in the Toowoomba area) because the HOPE office is in Toowoomba. However, quite a bit of the literature review, research, media and publications activity can be done via email. If you have a little bit of time to help us in any way, then contact the HOPE office on email office@hopeaustralia.org.au or phone (07) 4639 2135.

Current volunteer positions available are:

  • Researchers – required to review and comment on a range of discussion papers, policy documents and reports provided by government departments, business and industry organisations and NGOs.
  • Media Officers – required to write media releases, event notices, date claimers and design promotional flyers/posters for projects, campaigns, events and activities
  • Publications Team members – required to write information articles for our newsletter; website summaries; and assist with the development of PowerPoint presentations and information sheets
  • Newsletter Editor – required to write and/or source articles and other items for compilation into monthly E: News Bulletin
  • Website Content Maintenance Assistant – required to perform weekly updates and routine maintenance as provided by Office Manager

Advertising Rates

HOPE is keen to raise some much-needed revenue through the introduction of paid advertising in our newsletter.

At this stage, we are offering a 15cm x 4cm sized ‘strip’ adverts for $30 + $3 GST per edition; OR $300 + $30 GST for a full year.

If interested, please send your advert to office@hopeaustrlia.org.au and your payment to HOPE Inc., PO Box 6118 – Clifford Gardens, Toowoomba QLD 4350.

(Direct debit banking details available on request.


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