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Please bear with us over the coming months as the country deals with the COVID-19 crisis. We do not have access to our network of volunteers and like-minded people/organisations as many are either not working or do not have access to the Internet/computers. But we will bring you as much up-to-date information as we are able to.

31/05 2020

Volunteers Wanted

31/05 2020

GDCC Landcare Photo Competition invitation

From Gomaren & Doctors Creek Catchment Landcare Group

Our Gomaren & Doctors Creek Catchment Landcare Group, based in Goombungee, would like to invite you to participate in our 5th Landcare Photographic competition. You will be competing for The Nicki Laws Perpetual Trophy for the Best Visual Presentation Promoting a Landcare Activity in this Region.

This year’s theme is “Making a Difference” and this is a golden opportunity for you to showcase the projects that matter to you.

This year the competition is open to all Landcare Groups on the Downs (including Southern and Western Downs) and in the Condamine Catchment area. It is also open to individual members of Landcare and other groups with an interest in the environment. We’d love to see what you are doing on your own properties and in your communities around this special region to make a difference. We encourage all kinds of projects, no matter how small and regardless of whether you live in town or in the country. It’s not the size of the project that matters. It is the values embraced by Landcare that matter.

This section of the competition requires you to take up to 7 photos of your project and to include a 100 word description of your project. We have attached some of the entries from 2019’s competition to give you a better idea of what is required.

All the details can be found on our web page: https://gdcclg.wixsite.com/<wbr></wbr>group

There is a limit of three entries per group or individual with a total entry fee of $5.00 per group or individual.

Entries close on August 20th and our Presentation Event is planned for November 7th in Goombungee to coincide with the Jacaranda Festival.

31/05 2020

Launch of New Local Birds Website

From the Bird Education Group of Birds Queensland and Birdlife (Southern Queensland Branch)

How much do you know about the wild birds that visit your backyard or local park? Are their lives as complex as yours?

We are very exicted to invite you to visit our new website:

This website lets us look into some of their amazing lives via a unique and exciting range of video and still images as well text and audio.

Check out this frequent visitor to our city parks and suburban gardens:

Then there are the extraordinary migratory shorebirds that migrate to the other end of the globe to breed, but that live, at least for part of each year, almost at our urban backdoor in Moreton Bay:

The Bird Education Group of Birds Queensland and Birdlife Southern Queensland who created www.ourlocalbirds.com have designed two principal sections: Learning about birds and Teaching about birds.

In this initial launch of the website, Learning about birds, focuses on 18 birds commonly seen in urban and suburban settings but there are plans to extend the website in the future to include birds frequently seen in other habitats such as Open Forest, Wetlands, Rainforest, Grasslands, Beaches and Mudflats.

The section, Teaching About Birds, has been designed for primary age students, their teachers and home educators. It provides a basic teaching model aligned with objectives in the Australian Science Curriculum for each year level: 1-6. This section could potentially be useful to parents in this last week of online learning at home in Queensland and then then be a valuable online resource for teachers and also for parents or grandparents who would like to develop bird watching as a new activity for the whole family.

Feel free to give the website a test run - and if you know any teachers who might benefit from using these resources please spread the word!

Boomerang Alliance ALLIES: Plastics Summit Joint Statement

Dear Boomerang Alliance allies,

On 2 March 2020 the Commonwealth Government is convening a Plastics Summit in Canberra. The Summit is intended to bring stakeholders together to discuss Australia’s response to the plastic pollution crisis. All Australian Governments have committed to a target of having all plastic packaging reusable, compostable or recyclable by 2025. This is a step in the right direction, although it remains unclear how this target will be achieved.  

Boomerang Alliance will be attending the conference and intends to make a joint media statement with WWF on key actions that need to be taken

We would like all Boomerang Alliance allies to add their name to this joint statement. We intend to add our complete list of 51 Boomerang Alliance allies to the Statement. However, if you prefer NOT to be included please advise by return email by Thursday 27 February and we will remove your organisation's name. 

Our statement will call on the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to agree and work together to:  

  1. Phase-out problematic and unnecessary plastics in 2020

    To date we have 3 jurisdictions proposing legislation to phase-out certain single use plastics (SA,QLD and SA) and we want all other jurisdictions to follow suit

  2. Mandate Australia’s National Packaging Targets within the Product Stewardship Act 2011

    There will be no effective packaging redesign or resource recovery without comprehensively improved management and mandated, time-bound targets for recovery.

  3. Immediately address packaging labelling and greenwashing

    There will be no effective packaging redesign or resource recovery without comprehensively improved management and mandated, time-bound targets for recovery.

  4. Execute the export of waste plastics by 2021

    This must include comprehensive investment in a modern recycling and composting network of facilities and associated recycled content procurement policies in all jurisdictions

  5. Commit to a target for zero plastic packaging

    In landfill, incinerators and waste-to-energy facilities by 2025 in all jurisdictions.

Thank you.



Rianti Bieler on behalf of Jeff Angel

Level 1, 99 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Postal: PO Box K61, Haymarket NSW 1240
p: 02 9211 5022 f: 02 9211 5033

Rianti Bieler on behalf of Jeff Angel

www.boomerangalliance.org.au .

www.oceanactionpod.org .

We respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we work.

National Bushfire Summit

Hi there,

It’s up to us. 

Today, Emergency Leaders for Climate Action announced that, due to ongoing Federal inaction, we’re going it alone and hosting our own 
National Bushfire and Emergency Summit.

Earlier this year, we issued a joint statement warning the government to act urgently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and properly fund emergency services to combat worsening extreme weather. 

Now, the catastrophic fire conditions we’re experiencing are fuelling record numbers of emergency level fires, and putting communities and wildlife all over the country under siege from flames and smoke.

The fires we are battling today started earlier, burn more intensely, have destroyed more homes and covered more ground than anything we’ve seen before.

This is not normal. This is climate change, driven by mining and burning coal, oil and gas, and it is aggravating bushfires right across the country.  

As former senior fire and emergency service chiefs, we asked PM Scott Morrison to meet with us back in April, then in May, so that we could explain to him how climate change is supercharging extreme weather and natural disaster risks. But he declined.

I would like to take him to a fire front so that he can see what firefighters and communities are up against. 

Read my open letter to the Prime Minister, and then keep the pressure on him by sharing it with your networks.

Instead of acting swiftly and decisively to develop a coordinated response to combat worsening extreme weather, and bring down emissions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been missing in action.

So, we’re stepping up to fill the leadership vacuum, and calling our own National Bushfire and Emergency Summit. It will unite all sectors to discuss the unprecedented conditions faced by our emergency services, funding and resourcing issues, and ways to address the fundamental driving factor: climate change.

Our National Bushfire and Emergency Summit will be held early next year. We will invite federal, state and local political leaders, the military, farmers, firefighters, as well as business, industry, health, science, community and Indigenous leaders. 

We’ll invite Scott Morrison again too, and this time I hope he comes - because these fires must be a wake-up call to us all.

Read my open letter to Prime Minister, and join me in asking Scott Morrison to step up and show some leadership, by sharing this article.

Every day we delay action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, lives, livelihoods and property are at greater risk. Fires are getting harder to fight, and our emergency services need better resources to cope. 

Just this week, NSW’s largest aerial water bomber was forced to fly to Western Australia to battle extreme fires there, at the same time fires were raging in the Blue Mountains. Our firefighting resources are stretched to the limit, and our firefighters are exhausted. On top of that, these bushfires have spewed an extra 250 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, a blowout of almost half our total annual emissions (1). 

We need national leadership and a coordinated response to cope with more intense and frequent extreme weather events. The Coalition Government must accept that climate change is fuelling the worsening bushfire conditions, develop a plan to urgently phase out fossil fuels and work with us to keep Australians safe.

The solutions are available, but we must all come together now to prepare for more dangerous conditions in the future.

The safety and well-being of communities, firefighters and wildlife is on the line.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress as we go. Until then, thank you for being in this with us.

Greg Mullins AO, AFSM
Climate Councillor
Former Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW, former President of the Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities’ Council.

P.S. Want to hear more from the Emergency Leaders for Climate Action? Click here to watch a live-stream of today’s press conference, and click here to view our interview on the Today show this morning.


  1. Australia's bushfires have emitted 250m tonnes of CO2, almost half of country's annual emissions, The Guardian, 13 December 2019