2020 promises to be another busy year for HOPE with ongoing commitment to:

·        support our Alliance/Partner organisations;

·        support, promote and/or participate in UN Environmental Observance events; and

·        review and make submissions on State and Federal Government ‘environmentally focused” discussion papers, etc.

We are also committed to supporting:

·        The Places You Love (PYL) Alliance and Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law’s (APEEL) call for a new Generation of National Environmental Laws;

·        United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs); and

·        International Campaign  Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

HOPE will also be seeking grant funding to:

·         replace an aging office computer system; and

·         undertake various landcare and other projects.


2020 Meeting Schedule


8 February 2020              Strategic Planning Meeting

13 June 2020                   Ordinary Meeting (quarterly)

12 September 2020         Ordinary Meeting (quarterly)

14 November 2020          Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Office Bearers for 2020-2021

14 November 2020          1st Ordinary Meeting of new Management Team