Helpful Hints: How to Garden at Home

1.     Fact sheets and guides on how to grow fruit, veggie and herbs in apartments and homes:

2.     Helpful resources on how to start an organic garden, including what and where to purchase organic gardening supplies:

3.     Helpful guides on how to start a sustainable garden in your home or community:


Helpful Hints: Live Sustainably at Home

1.     Helpful resource on environmentally safe solutions for home, health and garden, with guides on how to make your own environmentally-friendly cleaners:

2.     Workshop on a step-to-step guide on how to transition to environmentally-friendly skin and hair products:

3.     Tips on how to choose energy efficient appliances:


Helpful Hints: Build or Renovate Your Home Sustainably

1.     Resources on how to plan your home build or renovations to be more sustainable and reduce energy usage during Australia’s hot summer months:;



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