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14/4 2017

Clean Coal Fact Sheet by the Climate Council

There is no such thing as “clean” coal.

Clean Coal Fact Sheet by the Climate Council

27/3 2017

The Case for Chemical Transparency

Customers and business leaders are driving the trend to full chemical ingredient disclosure

The Case for Chemical Transparency fact sheet

01/11 2016

A 10-step guide to going off grid from your utility


Last year, a CSIRO study confirmed that up to one-third of all consumers may wish to quit the grid altogether if presented with the right technology, and they get tired of the way they are treated by the grid-based utilities. …

A 10-step guide to going off grid from your utility

21/06 2016

ALEA Presentation for HOPE, 20 May 2016 (Toowoomba, Qld)

Earth laws, Earth democracy and the Rights of Nature

28/09 2015

Looking at Australia's climate movement communications

Looking at Australia's Climate Movement Communications

Where There's HOPE

Where There's Hope: HOPE and environmentalism: how and why we should protect the environment By ShannonMichael

28/07 2015

State of the Park

An excellent article from National Parks Association of Qld: State of the Park

18/05 2015

Building Biology

Building Biology - Making Better Choices for a Healthier Environment

19/02 2014

Earth Charter

The Earth Charter Brochure

09/03 2015

Friends of South-East Queensland (FoSEQ)

The Earth Charter - A framework for value-based planning

The Future We Want

MegaTrends - FoSEQ and CSIRO

03/07 2015

International Year of Soils

Soil and Food Security by Shannon Michael

The Essentials of Good Soil and What You Need to Remedy Problems by Jerry Colby-Williams

The Soil Solution by Graeme Sait

To Save the Planet, We Must Save the Soil by Major General The Honourable Michael Jeffery

Just Permaculture Your Life by Christopher Kelly-Bisson