The following booklets, brochures, feature articles and information sheets have been developed/written by HOPE members and volunteers. Please share these publications with your networks.

Older material has been archived and can be accessed by contacting the office at


Low Carbon Living Starts at Home

Householders Guide to Sustainable Living

Ecology Audit - How environmentally friendly are you?



About HOPE

HOPE Charter

Help HOPE promote sustainable living practices in your community

The Transition Towns Initiative

HOPE Promotional Flyer

Feature Articles

The International Pollutant Network (IPEN) by Seemab Asif.

United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Alessio Claudi.

ICAN Enough is Enough: 2019 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending. Published 13 May 2020

ICAN and a Nuclear Free Future, by Morgan Jackson - HOPE researcher (Qld)

Green New Deal Research Resources

A Liveable, Compact Toowoomba, by Obed Jayson D. Ello, HOPE researcher (Qld)

Profits and Sustainability, by Jayson D. Ello, HOPE researcher (Qld)

Centre for International Environmental Law, by Chris Leivesley, HOPE member (Qld)

Sustainable Living Foundation, by Daniela Dal' Castel

Building Design for Sustainable Living, by Farisa Naeimi

A Article on Food Loss and Its Prevention by Romana Praveen

Article on European Environment Agency (EEA), by Jayson Ello (Jan 2020)

Article - (Nat) - Impact of Climate Change on Economy- Sasha Adams

The Transition Towns Movement, by Seemab Asif (Jan 2020)

Sustainable Cities and Regions, Jan2020

What Food Actually is in 2019

50 Thousand Mines Away

A New Generation of Federal Environmental Laws

The Atlas of Living Australia

Creating a Resource Efficient Planet

Is the future of Australia's Economy ... Circular?

Our Living World

Recycling in Australia

State of the Climate 2018

Synthetic Chemicals in Urban Areas and Bushland

UN Sustainability Development Goals

Information Sheets

7 Steps to Waste Management at Events

An overview of UN SDGs

Beginners Guide to Chook-Keeping by Ian Simons

Building and Operating a Chook Tractor by Ian Simons

Community Supported Agriculture

Composting - Is it for you?

Global Trade Watch

Global Warming - Helpful Actions

Green Cleaning Chart

Hints and Tips: Companion Planting

Interview (audio) of Frank at U3A Seniors Expo, 17 Aug 2016

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening Planting Guide for Toowoomba

The Benefits of Volunteering

The People's Food Plan narrataive

The Simpler Way: A Brief Outline

The value of an hour for Earth and Human Achievement

Want to do your bit to make the world a nicer place to live?

Water Saving Tips

Weed Publications