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HOPE would like to introduce you to our Business Partners. Green Harvest has supplied us with their organics catalogues for over fifteen years. Our latest partner, EcoSpecifier Global is providing access to their database.

Ecospecifier Global

Ecospecifier Global is an award winning knowledge base of over 6700 environmentally preferable ‘EcoSpecifier Verified’ and ‘Ecospecifier Global GreenTag™’ Certified (GreenTag™), life-cycle assessed building materials, products and technologies hosted on an international network of national and regional websites, led by co-founders David Baggs and Mary-Lou Kelly.

Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, Ecospecifier Global does the materials research for the Industry as a true third party, delivering innovative solutions with a unique difference. ‘Ecospecifier Verified’ products are rigorously assessed using the ES CAP health and eco-toxity screen (common with GreenTag™) using Australian, European and USA systems, are assessed on a generic life cycle basis and all key health and environmental claims verified.

Once a product has been ‘Ecospecifier Verified’ or GreenTag™ Certified (under the ISO14024 Type 1 compliant GreenTag™ Eco-label Standard) the National and International website network is designed to facilitate marketing to a world of green building professionals.

Designed to help designers, builders, consultants and those looking to deliver a best practice design, Ecospecifier Global websites and Green Building Rating tools specific Search functions, can cut research time by up to 90% helping designers deliver rated green buildings more cost and time efficiently and simultaneously helping reduce environmental impacts and creating healthier and more productive living and working environments.

Ecospecifier Global is more than a database, which is now expanded to include categories in Hospitality, Health & Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products, it also provides CPD education programs and information on how to design and deliver buildings, interiors and surrounds using environmentally preferable products available in and to relevant regions and in-depth reporting on difficult topics within the Green Building Movement specially pertaining to the environment and health issues surrounding materials.

Green Harvest

Green Harvest publishes the Australian Organic Gardening Resources Guide in July each year. The Guide includes information on Seeds and Plants; Natural Pest Management; Books; and Tools and Accessories.

For inquiries or to place an order, phone freecall 1800 681 014 or visit their website at

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