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On this page we have provided a list of interesting websites for you to browse. We believe the information on these sites may be of use to you, and we encourage you to take a look at what others are doing to protect our planet.

The sites are divided into three sections:

Non-Government Organisations Government Sites Business Sites




12 Apps that Support Sustainable Living

Masters in Data Science's recently published "12 Apps That Support Sustainable Living". This resource defines sustainability, why it matters, and describes the three pillars of sustainability. The piece then breaks down 12 different apps that support sustainable living through food, transportation, waste, and shopping.

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Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR)

The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) is a member-based organisation formed in 2012 to further corporate democracy.

We develop and deploy strategies to improve Australian listed companies’ performance on environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk indicators.

We use a combination of research, private engagement, shareholder resolutions, and high impact media to advance our aims.

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Australian Tyre Recyclers Association (ATRA)

Australian Tyre Recyclers Association (ATRA) is an industry association started in 2003. ATRA is committed to tyre recycling in Australia, in order to minimize the damage of waste tyres to human health and the environment. ATRA is open to all stakeholders involved in the industries of waste tyre processing, including retailers, collectors, recyclers, and tyre manufacturers.

ATRA works to minimize the impact of damage from waste tyres to human health and the environment, both locally and globally. ATRA assists in the creation of new businesses and jobs through the realisation of cost-effective and environmentally sound recycling activities. It serves the tyre recycling industry in an advocacy role with the public, government and associated stakeholders. It also promotes the use of recycled rubber in a range of consumer and industrial products.

To be a member of ATRA, a company should be licensed to collect, store and process tyres, operate within the law and in an ethical manner, keep detailed records of tyres collected and processed for waste tracking, process tyres before export, have the council’s development application approval, and hold safe and suitable working conditions for all staff.

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The Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

    The centre raises awareness why business leaders should be prepared for the new business environment where global concerns are rising over climate change, environmental degradation and social inequality. It seeks after a new way of doing business that incorporates the environment and social risks into its practices, strategies and culture. A enterprise who adopts the new way should thus flourish within environmentally sustainable limits, enhance social equity and make sustainable profits.

  • A beginner-friendly introduction to electric cars (EVs) and why they’re increasingly becoming popular, as well as a brief history of electric vehicle development (dating all the way back to the 1800s!)
  • Differences between electric cars and hybrid electric/diesel models, as well as examples of brands and models of EVs in the market today
  • Government grants, tax advantages, and other public support enjoyed by electric car owners.
  • Other useful information, advice, and resources to help you decide if an electric car is right for you

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing an electric car or already have one, this guide will give you a better understanding of how they work and what benefits you might experience behind the wheel.

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The Beginners Guide to House Plants

The guide offers lots of helpful information house plants.

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49+ Amazing Hacks For Container Gardening [2019]: Quick Trending Ideas

Container gardening has become a new trend for homeowners. It’s a great hobby that anyone can try and can easily get addicted to. However, you may not be getting all the right information you need to start. Whether you’re a novice or a container gardening expert, we’re sure you’ll find these tips useful for your contained creations.

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Earth Easy

Earth Easy is a family business that promotes and inspires a simpler life and highlights the significance of our natural environment as the source of our well-being. Well researched and founded on the founder, Greg Seaman’s 31 years of experience living off-grid topics include gardening, home efficiency, non-toxic home care, alternate energy and natural pest control. Earth easy also operates an online store, selling everything from gardening equipment and pest control to energy efficiency products and water conservation gadgets. For every order placed at the Earth Easy store a tree is planted through the organisation's partnership with Trees for the Future.


East Coast Shows

We just published an in-depth Outdoorsy’s Guide to Environmental Conservation which covers a lot of information and helpful tips on how we can each do our part to conserve the environment and make it sustainable to last future generations.

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Eco-Business is a global website geared towards the business end of environment and sustainability. With news such as ‘rebuilding cities after floods, how climate change will affect local tourism and the aesthetics of wind farms’, this leans towards an industrial economy-based view of environmental issues. A great resource for those interested in issues ranging from sustainable engineering and rebuilding, to the top 10 sustainable business stories. There are many different and interesting news pieces to inspire hope in modern technology as a tool to moderate climate change, as well as pieces creating awareness of the affects of unsustainable business practices and what we can do about it. This website may be especially helpful to those involved or interested in sustainability on a global industrial and economical scale, but is also a good way to stay in touch with the hands-on changes happening around the industrial world.

Visit Eco-Business.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

Did you know that environment-friendly floors make buildings healthier, are renewable and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle? In this article, we answer these interesting questions:

  • What is an eco-friendly product, and how does that relate to flooring?
  • How do these claims about green flooring compete and conflict with each other?
  • What types of flooring are the “greenest”?
  • What is greenwashing?


EcoSpecifier Global

EcoSpecifier Global is an award winning knowledge base of over 6700 environmentally preferable ‘EcoSpecifier Verified’ and ‘EcoSpecifier Global GreenTag™’ Certified (GreenTag™), life-cycle assessed building materials, products and technologies hosted on an international network of national and regional websites, led by co-founders David Baggs and Mary-Lou Kelly.

Linking independent information with a powerful search interface, EcoSspecifier Global does the materials research for the Industry as a true third party, delivering innovative solutions with a unique difference. ‘EcoSpecifier Verified’ products are rigorously assessed using the ES CAP health and eco-toxity screen (common with GreenTag™) using Australian, European and USA systems, are assessed on a generic life cycle basis and all key health and environmental claims verified.

Once a product has been ‘EcoSpecifier Verified’ or GreenTag™ Certified (under the ISO14024 Type 1 compliant GreenTag™ Eco-label Standard) the National and International website network is designed to facilitate marketing to a world of green building professionals.

Designed to help designers, builders, consultants and those looking to deliver a best practice design, EcoSspecifier Global websites and Green Building Rating tools specific Search functions, can cut research time by up to 90% helping designers deliver rated green buildings more cost and time efficiently and simultaneously helping reduce environmental impacts and creating healthier and more productive living and working environments.

EcoSpecifier Global is more than a database, which is now expanded to include categories in Hospitality, Health, Beauty, Personal Care and Cleaning Products, it also provides CPD education programs and information on how to design and deliver buildings, interiors and surrounds using environmentally preferable products available in and to relevant regions and in-depth reporting on difficult topics within the Green Building Movement specially pertaining to the environment and health issues surrounding materials.

Visit is a market leading data resource for sustainable business. The site offers expert advice and business tools, white papers and industry reports. It also delivers daily news and commentary. provides a sustainable business directory as well as supplying a comprehensive events calendar.


The Truth About Electric Cars: Explaining safety ratings

This guide provides basic knowledge for first-time EV buyers and in-depth insight for more experienced EV drivers:

  • The types of EVs, including full electrics, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen-fuelled vehicles
  • How EVs work – everything from their charge port to regenerative braking
  • The safety ratings of EVs, explained, plus the ratings of the most popular EVs
  • How to charge an EV’s battery safely and drive an EV more efficiently

To read more of this guide to electric vehicles and their safety ratings, visit

How To Choose Energy-Efficient Deck Lighting

Good lighting is essential if you want to spruce up your outdoor space. However, lights need energy, and energy costs money. If you want to save on energy costs, you need to use energy-efficient lights for your deck. This guide will help you choose the best lighting products for your outdoor space.

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Food Connect

Putting the Culture back into Agriculture Every week of the year, bring home a bounty of freshly harvested mixture of organic and eco produce � tender gourmet salad greens, old fashioned heirloom tomatoes, the sweetest carrots, spring strawberries -- all grown by our family of farmers in a manner that is healthy for you, your family and the land that supports us all.




A Guide to Global Internet Energy Usage

What does it take to power our online habits and consumption?

This guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • The rapid growth of internet users worldwide and the countries with the highest number of people online as of 2020 (China and India dominate the top two spots)
  • An immense amount of energy needed to power social media sites, online streaming, cryptocurrency, and cloud computing services.
  • A detailed look at the carbon footprint that our online habits and consumption produce.

Key facts and highlights from our research show that:

  • Watching 30 minutes of your favourite Netflix show is equivalent to driving 4 miles!
  • One email releases 4 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere (up to 50 grams if it includes a large attachment)
  • Each tweet on Twitter emits 0.02 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere)
  • An online Google search emits 0.2 grams of CO2

Want to read more on this? Visit A Guide to Global Internet Energy Usage

Global Water Waste

With two-thirds of the global population predicted to live in regions of high water stress by 2025, providing an accurate and deep understanding of this issue is critical. Our in-depth guide on global water waste covers everything individuals, homes and businesses need to consider:

  • The impact of wastewater on the environment
  • Global water waste statistics, with countries, ranked and country-specific case studies
  • The most common water-wasting habits in the UK
  • The entire water process, including production, collection, treatment, and reuse
  • How individuals and families can reduce water waste

Here are just some of the insights our research uncovered:

  • A single member of a UK household could use up to 149 litres of water every day.
  • There are huge disparities in water use across countries. Individuals in the USA use the most water at 373 litres, while people in Mexico use just 5.4 litres per person per day.
  • The water company areas with the highest water stress scores are Essex and Suffolk Water, and Folkestone and Dover Water, at 41.
  • 29% of Brits don’t reuse water when cooking or preparing food.

Want to read more on this? Visit Global Water Waste

50+ Go Green Initiatives that Might Save the World

Are you aware of climate change? It’s a global issue that affects not only humans but also every other living creature on Earth. If people stick to fossil fuels and other unsustainable means of production, the world will witness more devastating natural disasters and severe changes in temperature — but there is hope.

Visit Here are 50+ amazing green initiatives that could very well keep climate change in check.

5 Ways to Go Green at Home

“Going green” is more than just a catchphrase. It’s a lifestyle more and more people are adopting to reduce landfill waste, clean the air, and preserve the natural landscape. Your home is where you spend a lot of your time, so why not start there? Being environmentally-friendly is good economics – in our home, for our budgets, and with the earth.

This article contains information on ways to make a home more environmentally friendly such as installing more efficient lighting, attic fans, utilization of solar power, and other more eco-friendly substitutions for daily products and appliances.


Green Business Resources

Green Harvest

Green Harvest publishes the Australian Organic Gardening Resources Guide in July each year. The Guide includes information on Seeds and Plants; Natural Pest Management; Books; and Tools and Accessories.

Visit for enquiries or to place an order, phone freecall 1800 681 014 or visit their website at

The Green Office Guide

This guide covers many important aspects of creating a sustainable office, such as:

  • Opting for renewable energy - comparing green energy companies (in the UK) and installing solar panels and air source heat pumps.
  • Effective ways to minimise office energy usage - advice on heating and cooling, eco-friendly lighting tips, and conserving water.
  • Ways to manage your office's electronic waste, minimise paper use and printing, and other eco-friendly advice.
  • How to build a green office space - such as installing energy-efficient windows, proper insulation, and cycling facilities to encourage low-carbon commutes.

Here are a few more insights to help save energy while in the office:

  • Turning the brightness down from 100% to 70% can save 20% of office monitors energy consumption.
  • The average person uses around 142 litres of water per day, and at least a third of that is in the office.
  • Two-thirds of heat in an office is lost through the building fabric.

Visit The Green Office Guide to read more.



The Junk Map

Secondhand, vintage, salvaged, upcycled, restored, recycled. Australia has some fantastic junk but many of the best collections are hard to find. The Junk Map is a curated reference point for renovators, decorators and design professionals looking for quality homewares and materials. It showcases shops, salvage yards, and makers who sell or rework secondhand goods. Visitors can also buy or sell salvaged building materials, recycled timber, secondhand furniture and upcycled homewares on The Junk Map Shop.




Papyrus Australia

Papyrus Australia takes an abundant waste product and makes paper in an economical process that uses no chemicals, no water, and about 1% of the energy conventionally used.




REDcycle Program

The REDcycle Program is a supermarket-based recycling initiative that invites householders to gather together all their empty soft plastic packaging and unwanted single-use plastic bags and place them in the specially marked bin at their nearest participating Coles or Woolworths supermarket.

The collected soft plastic material is picked up by REDcycle drivers, returned to RED Group’s facility for initial processing then delivered to Australian manufacturer Replas as the resource to manufacture new recycled-plastic products.

Plastic bags and packaging can’t be collected by most local councils as part of their kerbside pickup. As a result, in the past they have been usually either disposed of in landfill or transported offshore.

The REDCycle Program was developed by a group of individuals who passionately believe that neither of these options was acceptable. It’s the result of a journey undertaken in search of a better outcome for this material; a journey that ultimately discovered both a readily accessible collection model and a destination for the collected plastics.


Renewable Energy Focus magazine

The website for Renewable Energy Focus Magazine provides up to the minute business and technological development news for the renewable energy industry. Updated daily with news, features, blogs, downloads as well as an extensive online archive.



As one of the sources of the book reviews in our newsletters, Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Based in Britain, Routledge is a member of Taylor & Francis Group and owned by Informa Plc (

Routledge publishes thousands of books and journals each year, currently encompassing textbooks and research articles in social sciences, humanities and built environment. Routledge has a catalogue including tens of thousands of print and e-books which can be accessed by readers. In its newsletter, new books and articles are introduced with reviews in depth and expertise.

While we may cite perspectives and comments from Routledge reviews in our own introduction of a new book, we strongly encourage you to read through the original reviews from the Routledge website and newsletters.





Innovative recycling company TerraCycle is a global pioneer in upcycling and recycling. With the goal to "eliminate the idea of waste”, TerraCycle has developed solutions to recycle difficult to recycle items including cigarettes, chewing gum and coffee capsules and turn them into sustainable products and materials.

For the very first time, Australians can now download a free shipping label from the TerraCycle website and send in their ‘unrecyclable’ waste such as used oral care via Australia Post. For every piece of waste collected they can pocket two cents to donate to a not for profit organisation of their choice.

To learn more about TerraCycle's free Brigade programs and what you can collect visit: