2021 Proposed and Planned Projects, Events and Activities


2021 Planned and Proposed Activities

2021 promises to be another busy year for HOPE with ongoing support for, and promotion of projects, campaigns and events of our Partnership/Alliance partners:
  • support our Alliance/Partner organisations - NGOs;
Ongoing support for, and promotion of issues such as:
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity Loss
  • Threatened Species
  • Renewables over Fossil Fuels
  • the Earth Charter, and
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Research and development of various publications
  • Directory of Heritage Facilities and Key Landmarks in Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) jurisdiction (brochure); 
    • Media Release (dated 17 December 2020)
    • Media Release (dated 20 January 2021)
    • Brochure
    • Feature article
  • The Waste Hierarchy (brochure) - dependant of grant funding
  • Special Report on Food Security (led by Regina Kimble, HOPE researcher Qld)
  • Special Report on Water Security (led by Charmaine Turnbull, HOPE researcher ACT)
  • Special Report on the Circular Economy (tbc)
  • Special Report on Transitioning to a Sustainable Energy Future (led by James Ahern, HOPE researcher SA)
  • Special Report on the Adverse Impacts of Genetically Modified Foods, etc. (tbc)


Committee Meeting Schedule

14 November 20201st Ordinary Meeting
13 February 20212nd Ordinary Meeting
12 June 20213rd Ordinary Meeting
11 September 20214th Ordinary Meeting
13 November 2021Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Election of Office Bearers for 2021-2022
13 November 20211st Ordinary Meeting of 2021-2022 Management Team



  • 2018 owards ⇒ Prepare 'land care / conservation / restoration' project proposals in concert with Crossroads Rural & Environment
  • 2019-03 - 2021 ⇒ Commonwealth Environment Program (CEP) funding received for "the Management and Monitoring of several Native Fauna species within the Groom Electorate
  • 2020-05 - ongoing ⇒ Produce a series of Podcasts on post COViD-19 opportunities to promote environmental sustainability solutions
    ("After the Virus" Podcast Series Flyer)
  • Great news! Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc., in partnership with St. Ursula’s College, will hold a series of 4 Zoom meetings, over consecutive days, to discuss issues of concern relating to the environment, social justice, animal welfare/conservation and heritage. The 4 afternoon ZOOM meetings will be held on 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd April 2021, from 4pm to 5pm.


Report on virtual Youth Summit event, 19-22 April 2021


In April 2012, HOPE, in partnership with St Ursula’s College Toowoomba, held a successful one-day Schools Sustainability Forum.

50 students from 10 secondary schools shared their stories of sustainability via video, poster and verbal presentations.

HOPE assembled a variety of guest speakers and a couple of workshop activities to further resource the students.

In 2018, HOPE considered working with United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Queensland division to jointly host a Youth Conference here in Toowoomba.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to agree on the scope of the conference and/or source suitable grant funding.

In 2019, HOPE once again revived the notion of staging a major youth event as our contribution towards National Youth Week activities.

It was decided to have a one-day physical gathering of upper secondary school students and their home-schooled equivalents.

HOPE, with the support of St Ursula’s College Toowoomba, would assemble speakers from government, industry, academia and community groups to provide information on their roles in relation to matters dealing with the environment, social justice, animal welfare and heritage.

We were planning to hold the event in April 2020.

Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the strict lockdown and social distancing requirements, the event had to be postponed until 2021.

virtual 2021 Youth Summit

In November 2020, we were advised that our planned ‘physical gathering’ of students was not possible due to new Covid Safe School Events information.

As invitations to potential guest speakers had been issued mid-2020, in January 2021 we decided to go ahead with a ‘re-imagined’ Youth Summit as a series of 4 one-hour ZOOM sessions.

Invitations to the Youth Summit were issued to Years 9,10, 11 and 12 students through the 22 secondary schools  and home-schooled equivalents in the Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) jurisdiction.

Promotional material was distributed by post, email and social media.

Media releases were also issued regularly.

And, the speakers’ program was constantly being reviewed and refined as individual speaker’s availability changed.

Due to a lack of youth registrations by March, we contacted the schools to ask if they had in fact promoted the Youth Summit to their students … only to find that they had not! Why, we are not sure.

As we had ‘locked in’ the speakers’ program and did have a handful of student registrations, we decided to go ahead with the event and record the ZOOM session for reference and possible staging of a future Youth Summit.


  • 20210211 - Youth Summit re-imagined - Letter 2.3 - Invitation to Youth Summit - Secondary Schools in Toowoomba region
  • Information on the Youth Summit was also regularly issued via email and social media

Media releases:

  • 20210326 MR - Citizen Science” style PhotoVoice Project
  • 20210330 MR - HOPE’s 2021 Youth Summit to Inspire Youth to Participate in Community Action!
  • Information on the Youth Summit was also regularly issued via email and social media


What is this Youth Summit event all about?

This online Youth Summit event is spread over four days and will focus on the crucial importance of youth involvement and the voice of youth in helping to progress genuine sustainable development in our region and in our wider world. The youth of today will become the full citizens of tomorrow. They have a particularly important stake in helping to answer some of the big questions associated with the notion of human sustainable development: how can we live well in this place for the long-term future, in our local areas, in our region, country and on our planet? And what is the preferred future we want to choose, in order that we will be able to live in that way?

An impressive program of guest speakers, expert on various subjects vital to making sustainable development a reality, will provide our youth audience with useful knowledge, values, and attitudes which can help them start to make sense of sustainable development as an idea. Our speakers will point to some of the serious problems we face, and the challenges we must overcome to achieve sustainable development but also, most importantly, some of the solutions we can use to deal effectively with those problems and challenges. Taken together, the Summit presentations will demonstrate that we already have the knowledge, tools, and technologies to provide a sustainable development future in our world and in our region. This would be a future that is more climate safe, environmentally healthy, socially fair, and economically equal. This is also a future that is much preferable to the one we are headed toward now.

In the closing plenary session of the Summit, we will ask our audience to use the ideas that have been presented across the program to generate their own thoughts, and some possible suggestions, about how more sustainable development could be achieved in our local areas and region. The Summit organisers will then review audience ideas and submit the best of them to Toowoomba Regional Council, our local government with the important responsibility for overseeing the way in which development takes place across our region.

Monday, 19/04/21               4pm – 5.15 pm

  • Welcome, introductions and program outline (3mins - FO) 
    • Acknowledgement of Country; and purpose of Youth Summit (5mins-AN | see notes provided)
    • Include reference to Ursie’s Earthies assisting with drafting ‘Resolutions to be submitted to TRC
  • Dr Michelle Maloney, AELA (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins) Video - Crisis 2021 Youth Summit 1 - YouTube
  •  Andy Le Brocque, USQ - The Earth in Crisis (responding to YouTube); and Q&A session (10mins) -- Video - Crisis 2021 Youth Summit 1 - YouTube
  • Jane O’Sullivan, SPA (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  • Paul McDonald, SQ Landscapes (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  • Wrap up of key points and take-home messages (7mins – AN | see summary no. 1)

Tuesday, 20/04/21              4pm – 5.15 pm

  •  Welcome, introductions and program outline (3mins - FO)
  •  Recap of day 1 highlights (5mins – AN | see summary no. 1)
  •  Clem Campbell – The Earth Charter; and Q&A session (talk only) (10mins)
  • Liz Bowen, Soka Gakkai International (SGI) – “Seeds of Hope and Action” initiative (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  • Dr Polly Burey, USQ – Loop-de-loop: Circular economy viability into the future (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  • Michael Hockey, TRC Waste Services – Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility (GTWMF) (speaking to video); and Q&A session (10mins) -  https://vimeo.com/534745615/6c8ba3959a
  • Wrap up of key points and take-home messages (7mins – AN)

Wednesday, 21/04/21                    4pm – 5.15 pm

  •  Welcome, introductions and program outline (3mins - FO)
  •  Recap of day 2 highlights (5mins – AN | se summary no. 2)
  •  Inspector Shawn JANSEN, RSPCA – Responsible Pet Ownership (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  •  Emily - Ursie’s Earthies (environment club), St Ursula’s College (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  •  Peter Sutrin, Proven Energy - Reducing our Carbon Footprint with Renewables (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  • Cr Megan O’Hara-Sullivan, TRC – Environmental Advisory Committee (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  •  Peter Cremasco, TRC Conservation and Pest Management – Biosecurity Plan (speaking to PPT); and Q&A session (10mins)
  •  Wrap up of key points and take-home messages (7mins – AN)

Thursday, 22/04/21            4pm – 5.15 pm

  • Welcome, introductions and program outline (3mins - FO)
  • Recap of first 3 days highlights (15mins – AN | se summary no. 3)
  • Plenary Session (35mins – AN)
    • Invite Emily Murry to say a few words (talk only)
    • Invite Caleb Pearson to say a few words (talk only)


  • Students leave with a greater awareness of issues impacting our region; and the resources to support further enquiry into these matters
  • More volunteering with community groups
  • Support for, and membership to HOPE and/or other envNGOs, etc.
  • Greater interest in starting on-campus environment clubs and/or junior landcare groups
  • Wrap up of key points and take-home messages (7mins – AN)
  • Follow up survey in a month’s time to ascertain what actions participants have taken to improve …

Day 1 -- 19 April 2021






Day 2 -- 20 April 2021




Day 3 -- 21 April 2021





Day 4 -- 22 April 2021




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