envNGO networks

The following lists contain information about environment/conservation, animal welfare, landcare/Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations operating in Australia.

For information on groups in your area visit your council’s community information directory - https://www.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/.

National groups and alliance networks

The following links are great resources for environmental NGOs in Australia.

Act on Climate (AoC)

Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network (ACFCGN)

Australian Environmental Grant Network (AEGN)

Federal Register of Environmental Organisations

GM-Free Australia Alliance Inc.

Places You Love (PYL) Alliance member organisations

Various (Wikipedia)

State and Territory groups

Australian Capital Territory

Conservation Council ACT Region member groups

New South Wales (NSW)

Nature Conservation Council NSW member groups

Northern Territory (NT)

Environment Centre NT

Queensland (QLD)

Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) member groups

Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC)

South Australia (SA)

Conservation Council SA member groups

Tasmania (TAS)

Environment Tasmania

Victoria (VIC)

Environment Victoria

Western Australia (WA)

Conservation Council of WA member groups