You can support HOPE Inc. in a number of ways - through membership; by volunteering with our organisation; key agencies can add their support through the formation of strategic partnerships or alliances; we also welcome the support of businesses through the formation of business partnerships or by becoming a sponsor.


By becoming a member of HOPE Inc., you are making a commitment to partner with us and become an agent for change in your area.

We try to use creativity and our sense of fun to educate and inform people. Members make use of all their diverse talents to express their environmental concerns and to raise people’s awareness – songs, humour, drama, gardening, information displays, publications, arts of all kinds. We can enjoy ourselves while getting our message out there!

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Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. is a community-based not-for-profit organisation managed entirely by volunteers.

The development of a good, strong team of "willing workers" is important in achieving HOPE’s principal aim, which is to raise awareness of, and encourage active participation in, waste minimisation and the conservation of energy and resources. In a nut-shell, our efforts are directed at:

  • AWARENESS - letting people know;
  • EDUCATION - suggesting actions or attitudes which promote change; and 
  • SHOWING - how it can be done.

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