Helpful Hints: The Pursuit of Sustainable Mining in Australia (Must-Read)

  1. Helpful resources on understanding the impacts of mining, forms of ethically sound mining practices, and the role of innovation in sustainable solutions:


Helpful Hints: How Tech and Automation Can Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

  1. Helpful resources on how to use tech and automation to make business eco-friendly:
  2. Helpful resources on how businesses use automation to drive positive change on environment:


Helpful Hints: How to Garden at Home

  1. Fact sheets and guides on how to grow fruit, veggie and herbs in apartments and homes:
  2. Helpful resources on how to start an organic garden, including what and where to purchase organic gardening supplies:
  3. Helpful guides on how to start a sustainable garden in your home or community:
  4. A helpful guide on how to remove weeds on your garden:
  5. Factsheet on Weeds (by Sofija Belajcic – HOPE researcher NSW)
  6. Info sheet – Companion Planting (by Inspired by Nature)
  7. Info sheet – Composting-Is it for you (by Nathan Henders – HOPE)
  8. Hints and Tips for the Garden – Care for young trees (by Green Harvest,2023)
  9. Hints and Tips for the Garden – Climate zone (by Green Harvest,2023)
  10. Hints and Tips for the Garden – Microgreens (by Green Harvest,2023)
  11. Hints and Tips for the Garden – Tree pruning (by Green Harvest,2023)


Helpful Hints: Live Sustainably at Home

  1. Helpful resource on environmentally safe solutions for home, health and garden, with guides on how to make your own environmentally-friendly cleaners:
  2. Workshop on a step-to-step guide on how to transition to environmentally-friendly skin and hair products:
  3. Tips on how to choose energy efficient appliances:
  4. Helpful Hints – Energy Efficiency at Home by Lili Greer
  5. Article – Earth and Human Achievement Hours
  6. Chart – Understanding Plastic Recycling Codes
  7. HOPE Helpful Hints – Being environmentally-wise around the house
  8. Info sheet – Green Cleaning Chart
  9. Info sheet – The Simpler Way (A brief outline)
  10. Buy local and seasonal food — Sustainable living guide


Helpful Hints: Build or Renovate Your Home Sustainably

  1. Resources on how to plan your home build or renovations to be more sustainable and reduce energy usage during Australia’s hot summer months:
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Chook-Keeping (ver 2)


Helpful Hints: Understand the Sustainability of Electric Cars

  1. Helpful resource on understanding the importance and impact of electric cars, with a guide on responsible electric car ownership:


Helpful Hints: Solar For Apartment Options

  1. Helpful resource on understanding how to use solar energy in an apartment building: