The following booklets, brochures, feature articles and information sheets have been developed/written by HOPE members and volunteers. Please share these publications with your networks.

Older material has been archived and can be accessed by contacting the office at [email protected]


Low Carbon Living Starts at Home

Householders Guide to Sustainable Living

Ecology Audit – How environmentally friendly are you?

How to live sustainably and chemical-free(edtion 1.3)



HOPE Charter

The Transition Towns Initiative

A snapshot of Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. Australia

Minimise Waste and Conserve Resources brochure

Feature Articles

Advocating for the Care and Protection of the Environment through ESD, by Georgy Hadwen, HOPE researcher QLD

Carbon Capture and Storage, Yes or No – by Frank Lee,HOPE researcher NSW

Managing wild dog populations, by Georgy Hadwen, HOPE researcher QLD

Earth’s destruction by a thousand cuts, by Charmaine Turnbull, HOPE researcher QLD

Volunteer for the Environment, by Julie Mammitzsch, HOPE researcher NSW

There exists a global environmental crisis, by Gabriel Malandu, HOPE researcher QLD

Three decades of environmentalism, by Anna Kula, HOPE researcher NSW

Legal Rights of Nature, by Julie Mammitzsch, HOPE researcher NSW

Public Housing Options For Australia, by Rod Pitcher

The Life and Dignity of the Human Person, by Rod Pitcher

A Special Report — Water Security issues, trends and solutions – Internationally and in Australia (January 2023),  by Charmaine Turnbull, HOPE senior researcher QLD

Andrew’s thought on using social media, by Andrew Nicholson

HOPE’s affiliations in Queensland, by Georgia Eastment

Revamping homes in a changing climate, by Harry Johnson NSW September 2022.

Is Labor doing enough on Climate Change, by Mert Kul, September 2022.

HOPE’s National Affiliations, by Georgia Eastment, September 2022.

HOPE’s international affiliations, by Georgia Eastment, September 2022.

The role of offsets in ecologically sustainable development, by Georgia Eastment MSc., July 2022.

Management of the Great Barrier Reef, by Brianna Mariano, July 2022.

Action on Climate Required Now!, by Frank Lee, July 2022.

Major Environmental Organizations in the Philippines, by Shelley Malaluan, July 2022.

Reimagining Indigenous ecologies: recognising rivers as legal entities, by Georgia Eastment MSc., July 2022.

Energy Storage World Forum 2020 Highlights, by Dan Bielich, July 2022.

Putting Second-hand First to Create Local, by Dr Amandeep Kaur, June 2022.

Decommissioning of Nuclear Submarines, by Nina Stick, May 2022.

Overview and Critique of “A New Generation of National Environmental Laws”, by Stephen Law, May 2022.

Review of the Australian Community Landcare Futures framework, by Anna Kula, May 2022.

Review of IPCC Biodiversity and Climate Change Workshop Report, by Amandeep Kaur, April 2022.

International offsets review by Climate Change Authority, summary prepared by Anna Kula, March 2022.

Review of “Building resilience in local communities: The wellbeing benefits of participating in Landcare” Report, by Amandeep Kaur, February 2022.

United Nation’s International Decades, by Jason Dingley, January 2022.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Techno-advertising, by Rodney Duncan, January 2022.

Critique for the ‘State of volunteering in Queensland’ report of 2021 by Anna Kula, January 2022.

Policy Suggestions for the Transition to a Sustainable Energy Future by James Ahern, January 2022.

Designing for the Future: Foreseeing climatic risk with model-based design by Daniela Dal’Castel, January 2022.


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Information Sheets

Factsheet on Weeds by Sofija Belajcic

An overview of UN SDGs

Beginners Guide to Chook-Keeping by Ian Simons

Building and Operating a Chook Tractor by Ian Simons

Green Cleaning Chart


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