Wednesday, 08 March 2023

Think Globally, Act Locally

Re: “Advice to Help You Minimise Waste and Conserve Resources” brochure

As part of its continuing efforts to educate and inform the public on living more sustainably, Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc., has produced a brochure entitled “Advice to Help You Minimise Waste and Conserve Resources.”

Humans are immensely wasteful creatures; from the brochure, you will read that Australia generated 75.8 million tonnes of solid waste in 2018-19. Considering that Australia’s population is approximately 26 million people, that means that each of us Australians generate approximately 2.9 tonnes of waste a year!

We need to reduce the amount of waste we generate. Recycling has become part of the waste management process for Australians; of the 75.8 million tonnes of generated waste, 38.5 million tonnes was recycled. However – 20.5 million tonnes went to landfill! Households generated 12.4 million tonnes.

Beside recycling, reusing items and so-called waste has become popular, together with repairing or reconditioning worn-out or broken items for further use.
There are many other actions that can be taken to reduce waste generation: refusing to do something that generates waste in the first place (only buying what you need; using an alternative for example) can help avoid the volume of waste being generated.

This brochure is dedicated to all those businesses engaged in repair activities — extending the life of a variety of goods and appliances.

“I would like to particularly thank Jannusch Shoe Repairs, Toowoomba, Qld who have been extending the work-life of our family’s well-worn shoes; handbags and belts for over 20 years” said Mr Ondrus, President of HOPE Inc.

HOPE’s brochure includes a Waste Hierarchy diagram showing the most and least preferred ways of dealing with waste. Indeed, in these stricter economic times, looking for ways to save money is important for all of us and the Waste Hierarchy can give useful insights into how you can save the environment and safe money, too.

The “Advice to Help You Minimise Waste and Conserve Resources” brochure may be found on HOPE’s website at HOPE Australia Protect the Environment: Sundry – HOPE -Brochures section.

Feel free to contact the HOPE office with your views on our brochure, and/or if you would like to know more about HOPE and its activities.


Frank Ondrus, President – HOPE Inc., ph. 07 4639 2135

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