Monday, 06 March 2023

Think Globally, Act Locally

Re: Request for Environmental Poems

Calling all wordsmiths! Here’s your opportunity to pen a poem or two on an environmental issue of interest or concern to you.

Mr Frank Ondrus, President of Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. invites members of the community to contribute poems with an environmental theme for a special edition of the HOPE E: newsletter to be published in late 2023.

“In addition, if you can provide a picture or graphic to accompany your poem, it would be used to enhance the message in the newsletter,” said Mr Ondrus.

To start the exercise, my wife Mary penned this short poem for the project.


What can we say
to enliven this day.
As we sit and we think
“this world’s on the brink …” With courage and care,
instead of despair,
we can save it! … starting today.


Please forward your poem(s) to us at [email protected] by 30 June 2023.


Frank Ondrus, President – HOPE Inc., ph. 07 4639 2135

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