2023 Proposed and Planned Activities

2023 promises to be another busy year for HOPE with ongoing commitment to:

We are also committed to supporting:

  • issues such as Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss, and Threatened Species Development
  • publication of Special Reports on:
    • Food Security (now being handled by Georgia Eastment)
    • Water Security (published January 2023)
    • Circular Economy (now being handled by Mert Kul)


Meeting Schedule

Committee Meetings

Date Meeting
11 February 2023 2nd Ordinary Meeting
Food for thought – What does the future of HOPE look like?
10 June 2023 3rd Ordinary Meeting
9 September 2023 4th Ordinary Meeting
11 November 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and 1st Ordinary Meeting for 2023-2024