Welcome to a new podcast series produced by HOPE Inc. (Australia) – Queensland Women: Inspiring stories from Environmental Champions (QWEC)

Monday, 12 June 2023

Householders’ Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE) Inc. (Australia) is proud to announce the launch of a new podcast series: Queensland Women: Inspiring stories from Environmental Champions. The series showcases the vital environmental support and protection work provided by a group of Queensland women who have made important contributions to this vital work across the Darling Downs region of S.E. Queensland.

Produced in conjunction with the Queensland Women’s Week (2023) event, the podcast series supports the goals of the Investing in Queensland Women and Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022-27 initiatives. Particularly as those initiatives aim to increase the empowerment and recognition of the achievements of women and girls in Queensland. HOPE Inc. (Australia) thanks the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s Office for Women and Violence Prevention for the generous funding support which made this podcast project possible.

Queensland Women: Inspiring stories from Environmental Champions (QWEC) helps bring wider recognition to the work and stories of our women guests and the beneficial impacts their environmental advocacy, championing and leadership work have made. You will hear that they are working tenaciously to help develop and promote innovative environment support practices, and to influence others across our communities to do the same.

Our guests describe leading by example, of being compassionate and collaborative in their approaches, and their dedication to helping achieve the vision that we can and must become much better environmental stewards of our natural and urban landscapes and waterways, our mountains and forests, coasts, and oceans – and the precious wildlife that reside within those places. It is inspiring to know that women are undertaking such work in the holistic and practical recognition that our human and community health, wellbeing and prosperity depend, ultimately, on the good health of the natural world and physical environment around us.

Our podcast guests share some of their successes and achievements and describe the struggles, and hurdles they overcame in their individual missions to protect and enhance our environment. Our initial guests talk about their experiences in holistic management, regenerative agriculture, rural entrepreneurship, community capacity building, community resourced Landcare and Catchment care projects, and wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and education.

It is anticipated that a group of eight interviews with our women guests will be online by the end of June and initial episodes are available for listening now on the Podbean, Spotify Amazon Music and PlayerFM podcast platforms. In the near future, we anticipate episodes will be available on Apple podcasts and YouTube and there are plans to interview more women guests later in the year.

We hope that you enjoy the series.


Yours faithfully,

Frank Ondrus, President – HOPE Inc., ph. 07 4639 2135